Sunday, February 4, 2007

No appetite - Molting

I recently gave a few crickets to Anansi. They hid from her pretty well, but she also showed no interest in them. The next morning I took them out. I also held her recently. She was well-behaved, though the light was all wrong and I didn't get any good photos. I got some slightly reddish, blurry photos of her on my hand.

This morning, she's finally molting! I peeked in on her and she's hiding in her half-tube (as opposed to the whole tube). She's been hiding out in there a lot lately. Only now... she's on her back! I can't see her very well, but I did see her move a leg, so there's that confirmation that she's really alive (and she's not curled up like a dead spider anyway). I can hardly wait to see the new, brighter, bigger Anansi, but I wish I could see her better now. It is tempting to remove the tube from over her so I can watch, but I would feel awful for doing so. She chose to molt in there - probably because it IS inside, hidden... it's dark and confined, etc.

I've had her for almost a year now (as of the end of this month)! My best friend took me to OKC for birthday lunch and to get her last year. We've talked about maybe going back this year. That would be very cool.

I guess that's it for spider news right now. Babs is doing fine. I'll surely post again sometime after Anansi has completed her molt. I can't wait to see her!

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