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Informative Sites
American Arachnological Society - This is where you find the Journal of Arachnology and Graduate Studies
Becca's Tarantulas - A site dedicated to basic tarantula husbandry and care, based on Becca's personal experience.
Giant - We love this site and are thrilled to see it getting updated again! This site has a lot of useful information when choosing a species. - some great articles
Blogs for Tarantulas and other Spiders
Arachnid Menagerie - US! Of course!
Brazilian Black
Finnish Spiderman
Jamie's Tarantulas - New!
Michigan Tarantulas
OMG Tarantulas
Tarantulas and Others - last updated in September 2009
A Tarantula Keeper's Blog - last updated in February 2009
Classifieds / Pets for Sale
British Tarantula Society
Ken the Bug Guy
(I know these say Reptile, but they have tarantulas there, too.)
Emerald City Reptile Expo (Seattle, WA)
Kalamazoo Reptile Show
Kansas City Reptile Show
Long Island Reptile Show
Michigan Reptile Expo
Midwest Reptile Shows (Indiana)
Minnesota Reptile Expo
New England Reptile Show
New York Reptile Show
Oklahoma City Reptile Shows
Oklahoma Reptile Show
Portland Metro Reptile Expo (Wilsonville, OR)
Seattle Metro Reptile Expo (Renton, WA)
Steel City Reptile Show
American Tarantula Society
British Tarantula Society
Giant Spiders
Tarantula Forums
Galleries - currently rebuilding & requesting donations
British Tarantula Society
Tarantula Breeding - originally in Czech, but some of the photos of egg sacs are absolutely stunning!

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