Saturday, July 28, 2012

Moving Day - Hyde

We had several slings / juveniles that were outgrowing their space, so we had a moving day. Here are the photos from Hyde's (Lasiodora difficilis) move.

This is the long side of the cage, not the short end. So, as you can see, Hyde was overdue for more space! This species is very fast, so we put the cage in the fridge and set a timer for 7 minutes to slow the spider down.

Just like if we were hunting tarantulas outside, we flooded Hyde a bit to get "him" to come out of his hole. Even when he is out, he rushes into his burrow when we pick up his cage. Here I've caught him.

It took Hyde at least 30+ minutes before he was ready to venture out of that cup. I'm glad I have a few of them.

I tend to use "dirt" that is pretty moist. I always sprinkle some of the older, dry dirt from the old habitat into the new, to help our babies feel more at home. I have no idea if they see it that way, but I do what I can for their comfort.

Hyde is the larger of our two Brazilian Fire Red juveniles. I think I have pictures of Jekyll's move, too. I'll post those sometime soon.

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