Tarantula FAQs

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Can I feed my tarantula bugs from my yard?
The danger of feeding your pet wild-caught food is that you don't know where it has been. Have your neighbors used any pesticides? Bugs you find outside could be contaminated and make your tarantula ill or even die.
Do female tarantulas eat the males after mating?
Female tarantulas do not usually kill and/or eat the male after mating. Mating is an aggressive act and they will often chase the male away, but they do not often kill them. It can happen, though.
What is the life span of a tarantula?
The life span of tarantulas varies by species. Generally the female of each tarantula species lives about three times as long as the male of the same tarantula species. So, for example, if the male lives around 8 years, the female lives around 24 years.
How many tarantulas do you have in your collection?
We'll be keeping our "About Us" page up-to-date on this information, so click over to that page for a current tally of tarantulas and other pets in our menagerie.