Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Exciting Evening!

It was time to feed & water Anansi and water Bunny, too. I finally bit the bullet and decided to hold Anansi. I've been a little nervous ever since she molted because I can see that she is quicker now.

She sat still on my hand for a while... I'd forgotten that she always does that first. I guess once our temperatures match, she walks around just a little. The more I move, the more she walks. Britt came and sat down next to me and Anansi started walking more.... and then went right up my sleeve! So there I am... a ticklish person... with a 1½" tarantula in my armpit! It was pretty funny! We all came though unscathed. I wound up pulling my sleeve back and then got her to come out onto my shirt. I did eventually get her to go back into her bowl. It certainly made for an exciting evening (or 5 minutes, anyway).

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Breakfast Time

I've been watering Anansi's container between feedings. I bought crickets yesterday, but didn't get them out of the bag until this morning. I dropped two small crickets into the bowl with her... I think one might have landed on her... or she was just startled. Anyway, she nabbed one within a minute. I also gave her more water. I just put it around the edges of the bowl... right into the dirt. I use a syringe to do this (with no needle).

Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Diet Update


I just gave Anansi more water and another cricket.


Cricket & water delivered. Cricket is missing and Anansi is lookin' fat. Even though it's only been three days, Anansi was thirsty. It isn't like we're having dry weather now. It's been raining a lot lately... How do you water your small spiders?


Water delivered. There was one cricket left in with Bunny, so I went ahead and snagged it for Anansi. It immediately dove head first and tried to bury itself down into the dirt under the water. I dug it back out and dropped in on the dirt again where it promptly tried to hide again... under Anansi. It just sat there for half a minute before Anansi grabbed it.