Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Exciting Evening!

It was time to feed & water Anansi and water Bunny, too. I finally bit the bullet and decided to hold Anansi. I've been a little nervous ever since she molted because I can see that she is quicker now.

She sat still on my hand for a while... I'd forgotten that she always does that first. I guess once our temperatures match, she walks around just a little. The more I move, the more she walks. Britt came and sat down next to me and Anansi started walking more.... and then went right up my sleeve! So there I am... a ticklish person... with a 1½" tarantula in my armpit! It was pretty funny! We all came though unscathed. I wound up pulling my sleeve back and then got her to come out onto my shirt. I did eventually get her to go back into her bowl. It certainly made for an exciting evening (or 5 minutes, anyway).

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