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The Tarantula Keeper's Guide: Comprehensive Information on Care, Housing, and Feeding - 3rd Edition. (I believe that is the most recent edition.) This is considered the Tarantula Keeper's bible!

I wouldn't say that the book is the final word because there is still so much left unknown and not yet understood about the genus. However, if you're really going to get serious about this hobby, you really should have this book! It provides some great information including what to do in several problem situations (like sick or hurt specimens).

The book offers a lot of basic housing information. You can also learn about breeding and even catching your own tarantulas!

Some say Tarantulas and Scorpions (Their Care in Captivity) (the English version - it had no photo available) is outdated. Admittedly, it is from 2004, but the information is fascinating!

I get the impression that a kid interested enough in tarantulas could get through this book. It is a lighter and less in-depth look than The Tarantula Keeper's Guide.

The photos are gorgeous, too. They're all coated with a special finish / lamination so they really pop off the page!

Tarantulas and other Arachnids might be an alright book if you're considering becoming a pet owner, but I wouldn't recommend it for serious information. "A Complete Pet Owners Manual?" I think not.

It is so very light! It is almost comparable to picking up a pamphlet on a new pet in the pet store. There is so much left uncovered. Even if you don't read The Tarantula Keeper's Guide cover to cover, it is very handy to have around should problems arise.

I don't much care for books about tarantulas that are joined with other arachnids. A lot of pet owners choose to keep scorpions, too. (We did.) Still, I think you'd be better served finding a book specifically about whichever pet you actually plan to have.

Uncover a Tarantula is actually on my Wish List! I haven't seen it in person, but all of the books in the Uncover series look very cool!

Other Books I haven't read yet:

I would welcome any of these books into my collection... if I weren't a minimalist. There are other, even older, volumes as well. For a more comprehensive list, check out Becca's Books list.

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