Friday, February 4, 2011

King made it, with some help

One suggestion said to use forceps to grasp the old skin. It wasn't working. Someone else replied to my plea for help suggesting I use a q-tip and water along the edges of the stuck skin.

Theraphosa blondi stuck molting1 swipe with a q-tip

Dabbing water at the edges wasn't working. This photo was taken after the first swipe down the backside. The old skin peeled away like wet paper! King didn't much like me messing with him so he kept dragging the skin along.

Theraphosa blondi fresh moltKing, fresh out of his molt

Now someone on the forums suggested King isn't a Theraphosa blondi after all, but rather a Theraphosa stirmi (a Burgandy Birdeater which is a new and popular Theraphosa species on the market). So we'll be researching that. He was sold to us as a T. blondi.

King is Having Trouble

King started his molt about 8 hours ago. He was doing well, taking his time.

Theraphosa blondi Molt PhotoGoliath Birdeater,
King - mid-molt

However, he seemed to get stuck with his abdomen. He flipped back over and even came back out of his hide, but he is dragging his exuvium behind him.

Theraphosa blondi Molt PhotoGoliath Birdeater,
stuck in his molt

I'm quite concerned that we might have to do surgery to get him separated from it. Though that wouldn't be as bad as losing him in the molt.

King & Other Updates

Well, it seems King was headed into his hide to molt! Elmo looked over to find this:

Theraphosa blondi (Goliath Birdeater) moltingTheraphosa blondi
(Goliath Birdeater)
Settling in to Molt

You may recall, King had broken his leg. We're hoping his leg will come out anew which usually happens when injured spiders molt.

In other news today, Fuzzy Britches (Chilean Rose Hair Tarantula) has been pushing dirt up very high in the corners of her habitat. I very much want to give him more dirt, but we do not have any more on hand after giving all of it to King and we're snowed in right now.

Most of the larger spiders have been active today.

The next local Reptile Expo is coming up on the weekend of February 19th. Now we have to decide whether we're going to do a fancy meal or just do the Expo for Valentine's Day this year. Tarantulas are wonderful gifts, right?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


We added almost an entire brick of substrate to King's aquarium, working around him. We built up the height on the corners and took out the fake skull for now. He hasn't been in his hide since he broke his leg, but over the past several days he has been slowly working his way toward it. He is finally (mostly) inside it and we're both pleased. It is somehow reassuring to see him back in his "home."