Friday, February 4, 2011

King made it, with some help

One suggestion said to use forceps to grasp the old skin. It wasn't working. Someone else replied to my plea for help suggesting I use a q-tip and water along the edges of the stuck skin.

Theraphosa blondi stuck molting1 swipe with a q-tip

Dabbing water at the edges wasn't working. This photo was taken after the first swipe down the backside. The old skin peeled away like wet paper! King didn't much like me messing with him so he kept dragging the skin along.

Theraphosa blondi fresh moltKing, fresh out of his molt

Now someone on the forums suggested King isn't a Theraphosa blondi after all, but rather a Theraphosa stirmi (a Burgandy Birdeater which is a new and popular Theraphosa species on the market). So we'll be researching that. He was sold to us as a T. blondi.


  1. Very interesting, well-organized blog to which I want to return.
    Best wishes

  2. Thank you! You have some very nice photographs! I do hope you'll return. There will be more photos and updates more often.

  3. What a relief that he's okay! I used to raise hermit crabs and I had to help a couple of them with their molts too (mostly just the ones who decided to molt on the surface instead of burying themselves first - "help" just meant blocking them off so the other crabs wouldn't harm them mid-molt). King has very striking colouring, I love it.

  4. Thanks! We think he came out beautifully, but we're told that he'll be back to blonde in a couple of months.


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