Thursday, July 3, 2008

Chaos & Anansi

Since my last post, I have moved into my own apartment. I am in the process of a divorce.

I changed out the substrate (dirt) for Chaos the other day. I had never held her. She was VERY calm... after she stopped attacking the paintbrush I use to nudge the spiders.

Meanwhile, Anansi has a bald butt. I suspect it was fumes in the linen closet where they were staying or perhaps just because I had the two habitats right next to each other. Either way, I want to give her some time to de-stress before I mess with her habitat. I even had a scare where I thought she was dead. They aren't going back into the linen closet, just in case. And they aren't being set right next to each other any more, either. They are both eating well, though, so that's a good sign.

Chaos seemed so small once she was in my hand... they're both very big girls, though. I hope Anansi gets back to normal and/or molts soon so I can feel okay holding her again.

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