Thursday, November 25, 2010

Arachnid Family Update

Remember those eggs? Well I probably should have sewn the egg sac back together before returning it to Ghost (Elmo's Grammostola rosea). It tipped some and then she rolled it some more and lost all but a few eggs. Elmo removed the sac, but the eggs still sit in her hide. They are lost, most definitely lost. You know, I recall noticing Ghost sticking her abdomen straight up behind her shortly before she laid eggs. I bet that had something to do with the process!

Then there is SFB (Brachypelma albopilosum). When last I posted about him (?), he had tunneled a very nice burrow against the edge of his cage so we've been able to watch him. He has stopped working on it and the side with the entrance appears to be slowly caving. He did push some dirt up under it and has supported the higher side with more webbing. So we're totally unsure whether it is closed by design or it just happened.

Then today Elmo texted me to let me know SFB was molting! Now I wonder if he just built the burrow for molting. He has shoved the exuvium toward the entrance of his burrow. I want to see how big he is, but haven't seen him stretch out yet.

S.B. (Avicularia versicolor) has continued her high webbing over to the small limb I added to her enclosure.

Anansi (Brachypelma smithi) is faster than ever since she molted!

Sam (Aphonopelma hentzi) is looking nearer and nearer to death every day. Sometimes we think he is dead and then he moves. He curls up a lot.

Our scorpion, Butch (Heterometrus longimanus), has not been nearly as interesting as we expected.

King (Theraphosa blondi) has been placed into a larger enclosure. He(?) now has a 10 gallon aquarium. He moved his nice hide. He has a water dish and a humidity gauge. His new cage also had room to include my old aquarium skull. It doesn't look human, more animal. Either way, it looks pretty cool in there and King hung out by it for a day or so. We figure he likes it, too.

That just leaves Chaos (Grammostola rosea). She hasn't had any interesting developments lately. There's been plenty of other excitement, so no worries. I find myself wondering if she'll molt sometime soon. She hasn't molted since I got her and now Anansi has molted again. I just think Chaos is due.

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