Sunday, January 29, 2006

Mallory Photo Shoot

I dug out the lamp, took the lid off, and had a photo shoot with my new little model. She is quite well-behaved and photogenic, if I do say so myself. I can set the dime right behind her, moving the dirt around her, and she just stands there for me. Now if I could just get her to come up out of the burrow to higher (and flatter) ground, perhaps I could get a nice shot of her right next to or on top of the dime. She didn't eat the cricket I gave her yesterday, but I had given her one on Thursday. I took it out, since it had been over 24 hours. You don't want to leave dead prey in the "cage" as it will attract mites and possibly start mold. These are not good for the baby.

Ah yes, the photo. I picked out what I think was probably the best photo of this evening's set and I think this may be the best photo of her yet.

Brachypelma smithi spiderlingMallory
Brachypelma smithi

I love my new baby. I'm a big dork.

Today I got worried because it had been sooo long since she had moved. I finally dug her out a bit and touched her with a paintbrush (don't want to squish her!!). She moved just enough for me to know she was alive. Whew! Now her burrow is more like a valley. :P

I also started a little hand warmer and put it up against one side of the jar. She likes it. :-D It's still plenty humid in there. In fact, the heat causes some condensation in the jar... which makes trying to see her a bit of an issue.

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