Sunday, March 5, 2006

Cleaning Time

My small jar (with the American House Spider in it) was pretty stinky and had some decayed dinner in it. Bunny's cage was also looking rather dirty. So... I decided to have some spider time. First, I got Anansi out. I haven't had her out since right after I got her home. She sat real still for a long time, then ran once around my hand, to the back. Then she sat some more. I noticed she actually rested her body on my hand, so she really may have been warming up.

There was one (I thought) live cricket left in Bunny's keeper (that's where I keep them), so I caught it and put it into Anansi's container before putting her back into it. She hasn't eaten it yet.

Then I transferred the AHS into a smaller / extra jar. I washed it's jar out with warm water; MUCH better. I also put a little bit of water in the bottom. It seems rather lost without it's web, just pawing at the wall a lot like it did when I first caught it.

I found one more cricket in Bunny's cage, so I transferred it and bunny into separate jars. I washed his cage out in the same fashion, as well as the water dish and the plastic spider. I've tossed the sponge altogether. I can actually SEE whether there is water since I'm just using the lid. And even the smallest crickets I get can make it out of the water. The lid I use really makes for a cool water dish. Shortly after I put him back into the keeper, I actually saw him getting a drink. Cool!

plastic spiderThe plastic spider in Bunny's cage looks just like this one from iStockphoto!

Since the AHS still seemed to be freaking out a bit, I decided not to give the extra cricket to it. I was also tempted to trade it out with the one Anansi has, as it is slightly larger than her's. In the end, I just put the extra, larger cricket back into Bunny's keeper.

Now all the containers are all nice and clean. The spiders are all watered. Yay.

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