Friday, March 24, 2006

No Dinner... Bald now

Since Anansi didn't show any interest in the perfectly healthy cricket for about 24 hours, I went ahead and took it out. I used my paintbrush to coax her out of her container and into my hand. She wasn't very active. I so want to pet spiders when I hold them, but I'm afraid that I might harm the really little ones. There was also dirt on top of her opisthosoma. I brushed it off and got a bit of dirt on the brush, so I wiped it off on the cloth napkin I had spread out under everything. I stroked down her back side again, more dirt. After a few strokes, I realized the black circle on her back end was gone... then I realized that it was shiny. I brushed off most of her urticating hairs! I was really weirded out. Has anyone else done this? I don't think I should be concerned... anyone think differently? I hope she molts soon.

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