Thursday, April 6, 2006

All done... and BIG!

I was beginning to worry because she hadn't done anything since laying down. I left to pick up kids from school and when I got back, she was well out of her old skin!! I forget the name for it, but the little spot at the center of her carapace or cephalothorax (head) is pumping like a vein. Her head is much lighter... for now at least.

I want to sit and watch her, but I have to leave! It's time for Brownie's and I'm the co-leader. I just hope I'll have plenty of time to come home and stare at her before the baseball game tonight!

Yay, my baby is molting!!

I didn't have time to stop at home after Brownies, I had to go straight to the baseball game (I keep score). So after half an hour of "are we going to play?" because of the rain, tornado sirens rang and the game was called. So I'm home now and my baby is all done molting and she is huge (comparatively)! I am so excited! It drove me nuts to leave her. I must take more photos... while there is still some natural light.

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