Thursday, April 6, 2006

Exciting Update

Really, it's exciting when she does anything I haven't seen her do yet.

She hasn't eaten in weeks... she's displayed average movement. I think she's getting darker. I just got home and found her putting her front legs up in the air and then bouncing her butt around... she's using her spinnerets. I can't see any web yet, but I know it's hard to see until some is built up. Maybe she's making a web-bed for molting! (One can hope.) I'm excited about the prospect, but nervous too. I know spiders can die if they have a difficult moult.

Hrm... she stopped. Maybe she doesn't like the light. It was dark in here until I got home... so I've draped a cloth napkin over her container. It's either that or move her somewhere else. I need the light on to work.


One hour later she is trying to roll over! She's just kind of laying on her side... sorta... I gotta get the camera! I want pics and to watch, but I don't want to disturb her with a bunch of light! Darnit!

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