Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Spider Identification Help... Common Topic

I have a couple of new spiders in my collection. One of them survived. Here are two photos of it...

unidentified white spiderunidentified white spider

unidentified white spiderunidentified white spider
sorry this shot is SO yellow!

It is TINY... the leg-span width (not length) is about as wide as my thumbnail is long... if that helps at all.

So... any idea what it is? I gave it a small cricket... hoping it could manage. It did, the cricket was drained dry by morning! It's a pretty lil thing.

I caught it in our garden in front of the house. (Gosh, do you think it could be a GARDEN spider??) I couldn't find it in my Field Guide.

Here is the other spider...

spiderthe other spider

I can't be confident I've identified it from the field guide or online searches. This one was caught in a web at the top of the inside of a porta-john. My Husband caught it for me, ain't he sweet?! And so I named it Johnny. heh

This one liked to play dead a lot. I'd think it was dead, but when I'd pick up the container, it would start moving around again. It liked to get into this odd position where it would hang with all it's legs forward (or up). Very strange. Any ideas as to the species?

Thanks all!


  1. I just saw one of the spiders on my purse at Walmart and was trying to identify it when I found the photo on your blog. Have you ever identified it? I'm a little curious because this spider was so unusual. I had nothing to "capture" it in to take it home.

    1. Which one? The white one is some sort of crab spider, but that is just a sort of collection - there are lots of crab spiders.

  2. I found one of the white spiders in my boyfriends back garden.. We live in england.. Is this spider from a different country & is it poisonous, I hate spiders & now dare not go to my boyfriends house lmao please wb


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