Thursday, September 27, 2007

Dinner Bell

I love my babies so much! I was in the neighborhood today and have been wanting to pick up some crickets, so I stopped and got 3 for each of them. I gave their dirt a good soaking, too. Then I dropped 3 large crickets in with Anansi. She's looking a little thin. Within about 10 minutes, she had snagged all 3 and was kind of balling them all up into her chelicera all greedy-like. SOOO cute!

Next was Chaos's turn. She really likes her log (again), though this one also has some fuzzy looking spots on the end closest to the plastic. She has dug down in the corner of the log against the plastic. I saw her kind of go toward the exit once she noticed something was out there. She snagged the first cricket pretty quickly. She started up the hill that leads to the top of her log as a cricket seemed to be taunting her from there. She was so cute watching for it. Then she started laying down her webby table cloth. She isn't thin at all, but she hasn't molted since I got her, so she doesn't have any real reason to be thin. Still, she looks all pretty, pink, and large... made me wonder if she'd bury her exuvium if she did molt. hm

Finally it was time for my wild-caught spider I got at work. I have no idea what it is, I haven't really tried to ID it yet. This one has lined the entire bottom of it's cage with webbing. It's a circle, so it kind of pulls up into a bowl. Then the spider hides in the corner, just outside the bowl. I could tell this one noticed the movement in the habitat and was waiting for something to get close enough. I looked away for a minute and SNAG! First cricket bit the dust. I could have sat there for hours and watched them all process their dinner...

While I was at PetSmart, I was looking at habitats. I'm really wanting to get an arboreal species, but I'm concerned about habitat. So... I'm slowly researching my choices. I noticed a topic on one of my spider communities about pros/cons between arboreal and terrestrial. So I'll be reading those comments further and perhaps asking for suggestions on arboreal habitat that is available at the local pet stores. I really, really need to build (or buy) a shelf of some sort to go over my desk, but then it'll be too cold there this winter (it is an outside wall).

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