Sunday, January 27, 2008

Live Wish List

So I've been thinking it's birthday time... that kinda means tarantula time, right? I got Anansi 2 years ago for my birthday. Becca took me to OKC to get her. Only... that breeder is apparently out of business now. Bummer. I've been thinking about the next T, though. And now I've narrowed it down to one of two species:

I've always thought that the A. versicolor was beautiful, but both of these make good starters for Arboreal species tarantulas. I've been wanting an arboreal tarantula for a while. I have to work out habitat before I can seriously look at ordering one, though. And I might be able to find one in town. I have seen an A. avicularia at a pet store in BA before.

I hate the idea of buying from a pet store, but I also am nervous about receiving a pet in the mail! It happens all the time, though. They ship them often.

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