Monday, February 13, 2006

Climbing the Walls

If I keep Mallory on top of my monitor, her jar gathers condensation on the inside. So then I take the lid off and wipe it away. She also tends to climb up to the lid when it is up there, but not so much if it is on my desk. Anyway, I'm very careful not to pinch any of her legs in the lid when I close it. Tonight I put my finger right in front of her to get her to back down. I even barely touched a leg or two. She didn't budge! I figure she's not dead cuz she's ON the wall, not curled up in a ball. I grab my soft paintbrush that I keep in my pencil holder for just such an occasion and I touch her legs, she still doesn't move at first. So I try again and she grabs onto it! When I move the paintbrush she is literally hanging from it! I had to lower her to the "ground" and was prepared to scrape her off of it if I had to. She got off of it, but it was kind of exciting. lol

The other night I sat for half an hour or so, watching my American House Spider catch and hogtie a couple of crickets, nibbling along the way. By the next morning, both crickets were tossed away as refuse.

I removed the poopy dime from Mallory's jar and replaced it with a really shiny new one. I also got some pretty good photos, I think, but I don't have them ready to post and I have a headache so I'm not going to mess with that tonight. I need to check the friends list here, I haven't since last week, I don't think.

I later learned that this staying-off-the-ground behavior likely indicated that Mallory's ground was too warm for her. She felt the need to get off of it. That would have been the least of my concerns, as you will soon see...

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