Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Hiding is Good

I haven't messed with her burrow, though just moving the jar a little has left a little bit of debris at the entrance. I called Eric at E-Spiderworld (the breeder) today to ask if I should be worried. As it turns out (and I guess I just haven't read quite this far yet), the fact that she has burrowed is a good sign. The wandering around was while she was checking out the new place. Now she has settled into her new home. He said she might wander a little at night. I hope I get to see her. Oh, and she won't be burrowed forever, I just would like to see her because I haven't for two days.

She still didn't eat, so maybe she IS going to molt soon, or maybe she's just messing with me.

I got the humidity under control using my husband's suggestion of wiping out the condensation often. I think I've got it dry enough that I might need to add water. There is still a tiny bit of condensation, though, so perhaps not.

I got pics of the other spiders edited & ready to post last night, but it was late so then I went to bed. Maybe I'll post them today or tonight or next week. :P

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