Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Other Spider

house spiderAmerican House Spider with Dinner

This spider grew up in a little web next to our kitchen sink. I've watched it along the way. My family would rather it not be loose, so I caught it. Then I bought crickets for all the spiders. I wasn't sure about this spider's attacking capabilities, so I crushed the small cricket's head before dropping it into the jar. This photo was taken through the magnifying lid of the jar. That's why it has such a trippy look. :-)

house spiderAmerican House Spider with Dinner

Here is an even clearer shot, I think. This is through the side of the jar. The spider wasted no time in fetching the cricket after I dropped it into the jar. The blue in the background is the plastic tweezers that came with the kid bug collecting kit that included these jars (and that I used to crush the cricket heads for this spider and for Mallory).

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