Sunday, March 20, 2011

Feeding Day - Amounts

I fed all the big kids and the larger of the slings last night. I got 6 small crickets (got 5½, it seemed). They cost 10¢ each. I fed:

Lasiodora difficilis (Brazilian Fire Red) - both got 2 small crickets. 1 of the crickets was mostly dead

Poecilotheria regalis (Indian Ornamental) - 1 small cricket for the first time, this little T did just fine with it

I think we might get a full dozen small crickets next time. I have one or two more babies that are just big enough to handle small crickets.

I also bought 24 large crickets. They cost 11¢ each. What I actually brought home was 69 live and 1 dead large cricket! I fed:

Anansi Brachypelma smithi (Mexican Red Knee) - 3 crickets

Chaos Grammostola rosea (Rose Hair) - 3 crickets

Señor Fuzzy Britches Brachypelma albopilosum (Curly Hair) - 4 crickets

King Theraphosa blondi (Goliath Birdeater) - 10 large crickets!

Tears Haplopelma lividum (Cobalt Blue) - 4 crickets

Butch Heterometrus longimanus (Asian Forest Scorpion) - 1 cricket

Ghost Grammostola rosea (Rose Hair) - 4 crickets

So I fed our big kids a total of 29 large crickets. We still have 40 left! The plan is to feed again tonight. Or tomorrow. We'll see...

Heterometrus longimanus (Asian Forest) ScorpionHeterometrus longimanus
(Asian Forest) Scorpion
with dinner

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