Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Moving / Feeding Day - Indian Ornamental

This is was our Indian Ornamental's habitat:

Indian Ornamental TarantulaPoecilotheria regalis
Icky Habitat

It looks gross. You can see a couple of mold spots, plus it looks like there might be some mold in the lid, an old meal worm carcass, and there is an old skin. It definitely needed cleaning or something! I am loving the new dishes I got, so I prepped one for this lil guy, even though they aren't much larger.

Indian Ornamental TarantulaPoecilotheria regalis
Moving into New Habitat

This spider really loves the groove in the lid. It was a bit tricky to get 'im out of there. The paintbrush just chased him one way or the other. I had to block off one direction with a fingernail while I nudged with the paintbrush. Then the move went smoothly. I covered him and let him sit for a bit before feeding.

Indian Ornamental TarantulaPoecilotheria regalis

This big sling had no trouble with a small cricket! This last photo is also the new pic for this species on the Gallery Page. Isn't this a beautiful specimen?!

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