Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Big Spider Pics, too!

Here is a shot of Anansi, devouring a cricket. I had never noticed the stripes on her chelicera. Gorgeous!
Mexican Red Knee TarantulaBrachypelma smithi
Mexican Red Knee

Don't you just love the copper of a Rose Hair?! This one is mine.
Chilean Rose Hair TarantulaGrammostola rosea
Chilean Rose Hair

I love how King had his legs completely spread out in every direction!
Goliath BirdeaterTheraphosa blondi
Goliath Birdeater

Elmo's Cobalt Blue usually has a web over the top of her burrow. It was completely open Saturday night! This made for an only-slightly better photo-op, but also made me a bit more nervous while I cleaned her cage and fed her. This species is quite aggressive.
Cobalt Blue TarantulaHaplopelma lividum
Cobalt Blue

Butch had his claws open, ready to catch the cricket.
Asian Forest ScorpionHeterometrus longimanus
Asian Forest Scorpion

This Rose Hair is Elmo's:
Chilean Rose Hair TarantulaGrammostola rosea
Chilean Rose Hair

This pic of Señor Fuzzy Britches was already posted, but I didn't want to leave out ONE adult.
Curly Hair TarantulaBrachypelma albopilosum
Curly Hair
Señor Fuzzy Britches

I've really been enjoying photographing our pets lately!

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