Monday, March 21, 2011

Feeding Day - Amounts

We don't want the extra crickets to go to waste again. There are 1 or 2 large crickets that have died already. You can see the first course here. Here was "seconds" I fed tonight:

Anansi - ate everything - gave her 2 more crickets, which she immediately took

Chaos - ate everything - gave her 2 more crickets, I think she already has them both

SeƱor Fuzzy Britches - ate everything - gave 2 more crickets, which were immediately taken

King - he may have 1 cricket still loose and hiding, but he did attack immediately after feeding last night. He is on the lid already tonight (his favorite night time activity) so I couldn't feed him.

Tears - has 1 cricket (of 4) loose so I did not offer more food. I did not remove this cricket, though. I did see that she was higher in her hidey hole and she has also webbed over the top again.

Butch - apparently did eat his 1 cricket. He won't usually eat unless you throw food right into his face. In an attempt to do that through the top door (not the whole lid off) tonight, I dropped the cricket outside the cage! I did catch it and manage to throw it right in front of him. He grabbed it immediately, yay!

Ghost - is looking faaaat and got 4 crickets the other night, so I opted out of feeding her. I hope she'll molt for Elmo soon.

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