Sunday, March 20, 2011

Moving Day - Chaco Golden Knee Tarantulas

I hate the tiny little cups that hold the Chaco Golden Knees. I'm thankful to have gotten the tarantulas, but don't like the cups or the substrate. That dirt doesn't hold moisture well at all! So today I rounded up a couple of these new containers I like and got them packed down with plenty of new dirt.

Chaco Golden Knee TarantulasNew & Old Habitats
Grammostola pulchripes
Chaco Golden Knee

Once I got them moved, I added a little of their original dirt to their new homes. I like to do this after moving tarantulas or even after changing out to fresh substrate. It is a "little piece of home," basically. I think the photo shows that this works well.

Chaco Golden Knee TarantulasNew Homes with Old Dirt
Grammostola pulchripes
Chaco Golden Knee

You see that they both moved onto their "old dirt?"

Both the Chaco Golden Knees had dug down along the side of their old homes. One even dug into the hillside so it would all but disappear. You could look in from the top and almost not see the tarantula at all. This is crazy though...

Chaco Golden Knee Tarantulahead buried
Grammostola pulchripes
Chaco Golden Knee

This one totally buried its head! I thought perhaps it was beginning to dig a new burrow, but it later came out and you couldn't see a hole anywhere. It really did just bury its head like an ostrich. Made me want to think of an ostrich name for it!

You see, both of these lil slings need names. I haven't noticed any other personality traits that stand out so far and they're not very pretty yet, they just look like slings.

You can preview (and even buy!) an adult Grammostola pulchripes tarantula here. (I am not familiar with this breeder, they just had a nice photo of this species.)

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  1. I checked on my Chaco Golden Knee this morning (as I always do) and he had his head buried exactly as you described. I could see his abdomen and back legs but the rest of him was buried along the side of the container and I still couldn't see his head. So I tapped his abdomen lightly with a small paintbrush and he popped right out like "Huh? What? Who?" Pretty funny. Just glad he's ok.


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